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WD5000LPVX Quick Review & Comparison

I bought this hard drive for the first time this week and decided to benchmark it against some other Western Digital drives. This drive is small and light weight, it’s about half the hight of the usual 2.5in notebook drives. Previously, I have been using the WD5000BPVT Scorpio Blue drive and the WD5000BPKT Scorpio Black Drive. Time will tell whether these drives hold up without failing but for speed, the pretty well rock.

Note that this is not a good drive if you’ve got one of the Dell computers where you insert the drive into the side of the computer. For some reason, this small form factor can be very difficult/impossible to line up and get plugged-in to the SATA connectors, even if you have a caddy.




I like the raw throughput speed on this drive. I do not like those two little outlier dots on the Access Time graph.



You can see that the old standard drive just isn’t as fast or as steady as the output from the WD5000LPVX.



And finally we see that even the Western Digital Scorpio Black drive is not as fast as the WD5000LPVX when it comes to raw throughput, but it does have faster access times. I suspect that in real-life use the Black drive will feel faster because of the access times even though the throughput is a bit less. I also note that there are no outliers on the access tests.

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